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Every first Friday in the month of March is Employee Appreciation Day, it is set aside for employees to get well-deserved thanks for all their hard work and dedication to their jobs. Beyond being recognised with various awards, it is a day that helps strengthen interpersonal relationships among workers and creates a bond for employees to their organisations.

How your organisation chooses to appreciate its employees goes a long way in determining how happy the workforce will be. A happy workforce they say is a productive workforce! Having one day in the year to formally commemorate workers does not invalidate the need to show appreciation for a job well done. There is a feeling of affirmation and appreciation when being recognised for good performance regularly.

Looking for creative ways to say “Thank you”?


Here are 8 ways to show appreciation:

  1. Gift Cards: They are versatile and easy to utilise as a form of gifts for employees. They can make personal purchases, buy groceries, have a Spa Day, or pay for utilities. This choice for a gift gives employees the freedom of decision on how they would like to spend their reward.


  1. Buffet Dining: Making a day of a buffet-style meal for employees with fabulous culinary delights creates an atmosphere for bonding. Having this organised in a less formal environment makes it more effective and rewarding.


  1. Event Tickets: Whether it’s a concert of a popular artist, art gallery, food tasting event, or premium seats for a sporting match, event tickets are an all-time favourite when it comes to appreciating employees.


  1. Day Off with Pay: Giving a day off with pay for a day gives employees some time to decompress, have a day to choose what they want to do for themselves without any official obligation.


  1. Care baskets or Sweet Treats: Putting together care baskets of healthy fruits, or sweet treats like chocolates and pastries is always a pleasant and thoughtful choice of gift.


  1. Group Excursion: Make a memorable day of activities for employees by planning a field trip for the day. It could be sightseeing of monuments or utilising it to do some charity work of choice.


  1. A weekend Get-Away: Having an all-inclusive weekend get-away gift to a unique resort is always a winner. When making these plans the employee/s should be given the choice of time to enjoy the reward.


  1. Gadgets: A Mobile Device, new iPad, Air Pods, Smart Watches are also gifts that make a statement when looking to gift employees. Having these physical gifts is a constant reminder of being appreciated and a motivation for commitment.


The choice for gifts are limitless, what is key is showing appreciation. This year is a good year to start. To keep employees valued creates motivation, attracts the best people, boosts performance, increases productivity and reduces turnover. You can start making your employees feel they matter by contacting us.

We are happy to consult with your company on the best choice to appreciate your employees in the short, medium, or long term. Kindly send us a request at  to get started.

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