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Employee Rewards and Recognition Programmes motivate and engage employees, retain top talent, increase loyalty, and drive high performance.

When employees feel appreciated, their contribution leads to better results for your business. By offering Incentive rewards, employers create a positive work environment that influences employee behaviour and results in an increase in productivity and performance.

Recognising employees for achieving set goals and doing outstanding work, will increase employee morale, job satisfaction and their involvement in overall organisational functions.

Benefits of Employee Reward Programmes

  • Recognise employees with personalised, meaningful rewards.
  • Encourages and rewards behaviour resulting in increased productivity.
  • Higher productivity which results in increased business profitability.
  • Recognises exceptional employee performance.
  • Boosts creativity and employee morale.
  • Creates a positive image for the company.
  • Employees feel appreciated and have a positive association with your brand.
  • Reward programmes are flexible and can be customized to suit client needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is communication the heartbeat of an incentive programme?2022-08-29T12:38:31+02:00

The best plans are derailed by poor communication. It is important for every participant to know what is expected and how it will be rewarded. Specifically, they must know “how much extra money or what reward will I receive by accomplishing a specific goal?” Your employees must know their own and the company’s objectives, which means that the company’s performance must be communicated throughout so that employees’ expectations for the sales and channel rewards programme align with reality. This doesn’t necessarily mean the company must show their full financials to all employees, but rather a leader board of targets measured against employee performances.

What value do you place on a reward?2022-08-29T12:38:31+02:00

Sales and Channel Incentives don’t motivate people unless they see value in the reward. It doesn’t have to be money, but it does need to be meaningful. Rewards have to be desirable to a range of people with different motivations. This is why offering a variety of rewards is a good idea.

Employees can then choose the ones that are relevant to them. It is also important that rewards are fair and that targets are based on employees’ roles, experience, seniority, and any other factors.

What measurement do you put in place to see if your sales and channel incentive programme is effective?2022-08-29T12:38:31+02:00

Employees must be measured to determine if they comply with the goals set out in the performance, sales and channel programme. If there is no clear evaluation process, neither you nor the employee will know whether the goal has been met or not. And if you don’t know if the goal was met, then you don’t know if you should receive a reward. The criteria should be clear and measurable.

Why does Uwin Iwin create a different programme for each client?2022-08-29T12:38:31+02:00

Be strategic, the best incentive plans promote behaviours that are consistent with the company’s strategic plan, marketing efforts, financial goals, productivity processes, and personnel development. Without purposeful linkage to your performance incentive strategy, sales and channel incentive plan risk promoting behaviours that are contradictory to the stated strategy.

What We Offer

Create inspirational solutions that talk to a multifaceted audience and take your participants on a journey that touches their hearts and keeps them motivated with visual interphase. The Program creation includes:

  • Programme creation includes brand identity implementation.
  • Brand identity implemented throughout the program.
  • URL registration for each company.
  • Design of all platform interfaces with your brand identity.
  • Copywriting for all web and mobile site elements.
  • Testing environment for all engagement communication on front-end
  • Communication messaging set up for participants includes SMS and Emails that are sent out to motivate and drive engagement. All communication is customized according to the target audience.

We have the following support in place for clients and their participants:

  • A committed Account Manager is assigned to the client to implement and run the programme.
  • The Account Manager deals with all enquiries from participant to regional manager.
  • We maintain, monitor, and administer all back and front-end functionality.
  • We prepare a communication strategy and provide content that is relevant for the audience you are engaging with.
  • Budgets and processes are managed to ensure the success of the programme.
  • Measurement analysis & awarding of points are reported weekly to the programme manager during the pilot phase. Frequency of reporting after the pilot phase is determent by each client.

Our consultants can evaluate an existing programme, provide insights and make suggestions to enhance the programme.

For new programmes, we work with you to analyse the business needs and identify which part of the business will benefit the most and get the best return on investment.

We create a blueprint from past analytical data to determine the budget and then implement, launch and sustain the incentive programme accordingly.

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Our Online Reward System – NETUWIN

We have developed an advanced recognition and reward platform with both a web and app interface that allows participants to track their goals, engage through messaging and redeem their rewards.

  • African Business Award – Business of the Year Award 2023

  • IMA Excellence Award 2022 – Travel in an Incentive Programme
  • Company Awards SITE Crystal Aware – Most Sustainable Incentive Event Category 2007
  • SITE Crystal Aware – Most Outstanding incentive Event 2007.
  • SITE Global – David Sand – Member of the year 2008
  • SITE Global President 2013 – David Sand
  • SITE Global Past President 2014 – David Sand
  • IMEX Academy Award 2013 – for Africa & Middle East – David Sand & Uwin Iwin
  • Society of Incentive Travel EXPERTS
  • Our travel professionals are Incentive travel certified by SITE
  • Our account executives are Incentive professional certified by the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA)

In 2016, HMD Global Oy began utilizing Uwin Iwin Sales Incentive management services, which have made a significant contribution to the company’s sustainable growth. I believe you’ll discover that the service quality is among the top in the area when compared to other market players. I wholeheartedly endorse UWIN IWIN INCENTIVES (PTY) for any incentive services and am confident that you won’t be let down.

Lama, HMD

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