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There is no one size fits all when it comes to creating an effective incentive programme.

It is for this reason we recommend you take the opportunity to engage with our consulting services to ensure you have the right strategy in place for your incentive program. The key output of our consulting service is to assess and recommend the most effective motivational tool you will need to enhance your people’s performance in order to achieve desired results and take your business to the next level.

Our Consultation Methodology:

  • Need Analysis: Identify objectives, Target Audience and Key Message.

  • Collaboration Session: Marketing, Sales and Incentive Programme teams, clients and Uwin Iwinners.

  • Idea Development: Research, Strategy, Programme Concept, Look and Feel and Communication Plan.

  • Concept Presentation: Present programme strategy and execution examples.

  • Feedback: Collaborate with client and refine programme elements.

  • Winning Results: Initiate timelines, budget finalisation and execution plan.

Are you ready to take your business and team to the next level?

Uwin Iwin has Designed all of its Service Offerings around the Client’s Needs

Each of our services can be purchased on its own or in combination with other services in to meet a specific customer requirement.

We approach our consulting services from a strategic perspective to ensure you are getting the best solution for your business.

Our services can be grouped into the following major categories:

  • Strategic Consulting Services
  • Sales and Channel Incentive Services
  • Employee Recognition and Reward Services
  • Online Employee Reward System for Programme Management
  • Reward Fulfilment with Gift Card or Virtual Card or Voucher Mall
  • Reward Programme Communication Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Incentive?2023-05-15T09:56:23+02:00

Google defines an incentive as: “A thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something.” Or “A payment or concession to stimulate greater output or investment.” In essence, we at Uwin Iwin provide the tools and platforms for our clients to execute meaningful motivation and rewards to their employees to change their behaviour or to stimulate more sales. We exist to help our clients and their people win!

What are the Basic Types of Incentives?2023-05-15T09:56:22+02:00

You get 3 essential TYPES of incentives:

  • Direct Sales / Channel Sales: This type of incentive is aimed at rewarding the sales force within a client’s own direct force, or distribution channel force.
  • Reward and Recognition: This type of incentive is aimed at rewarding all staff members for displaying company values or peer recognition.
  • Loyalty: This type of incentive is completely different from the above two, and is generally aimed at the customers of your clients
How do you categorise the three basic types of incentives?2023-05-15T09:56:21+02:00

Direct / Channel Sales

  • Sweepstake: One winner takes it all. This category of a sales incentive is deployed when the sales force is smaller, and when the budget is closed-ended and limited.
  • Win-Place-Show / Limited Contest: Top few winners take it all. This category of a sales incentive is deployed when the sales force is larger, but the budget is completely closed-ended. The reward is scaled down according to the placing (first place = large prize, second place = smaller prize etc.)
  • Open Target Competition: Anyone who hits their targets/objectives wins! This type of competition is for open-ended budgets, where the ROI is sufficient to warrant a reward for anyone who makes their goals.
  • Open Sales Make the sale – get rewarded. You don’t need to necessarily hit your target, because every sale made/claimed earns a reward. This type of competition is for open-ended budgets.


Reward and Recognition

  • Peer Nomination Systems Usually based on company values, peers can nominate one another on an electronic platform, validated with a manager’s / HR team approval. Points are awarded, or lifestyle based rewards are given (time off, lunch with the CEO Etc.). These types of programmes are very low in reward values.
  • Top / Down Usually based on company values, similar to Peer Nomination systems, managers can nominate employees for an outstanding performance against behavioural objectives. Points are awarded, or lifestyle based rewards are given (time off, lunch with the CEO Etc.). These types of programmes are very low in reward values.
Is a loyalty program the same as a reward and recognition programme?2023-05-15T09:56:20+02:00

A loyalty programme is different from an employee reward and recognition programme. Typically, loyalty is targeted at your customers and clients and rewards and recognition of your direct and indirect employees.

Customer Loyalty: This category is aimed purely at getting customers to buy more of your client’s products and services and rewarding them for it. Rewards can be in the form of discounts, cash-back, points or awarding other free services/products.

Client Loyalty: This category often falls within a distribution programme, where your client rewards its suppliers or their clients for doing business with them. It is very similar to Customer Loyalty, except that rewards are exclusive discounts on products/services bought.

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