Secure your employee’s next dream reward with a U-Go Incentive travel voucher.

Memories created during a once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure make for the best gifts, recognise your employees for a job well done by rewarding them with a U-GO Travel Voucher.

By rewarding a high-performing team member with a U-Go Travel voucher, you give your employees the opportunity to experience a self-curated adventure that creates a lasting appreciation and results in increased performance & loyalty toward your organisation.

What is a Travel Voucher?

The U-GO Travel Voucher is a reward option that will give your employees the freedom to choose when they get to go on a travel experience. It’s a voucher that allows the winners to arrange their own travel trips with our Specialist Travel Consultant. With the travel voucher reward, an employee can redeem it within a year from the date of issue. The employee can either redeem the amount allocated (Min R5000) or they can TOP-UP the voucher with their desired amount.

How it works

  • Step 1: Complete the U-GO Voucher form or ask us to contact you to discuss.
  • Step 2: Select the number and value of the vouchers. You can add more than one value with a number of vouchers.

  • Step 3: Next you will have the option to have a branded voucher or a standard voucher. If you select Yes and the amount is below R25,000, you will incur an additional fee of R2500. If your amount is over R25,000 the branded vouchers will be free.
  • Step 4: After everything has been selected, an Admin Fee will be added, and the final balance will display.
  • Step 5: You are now ready to Submit your Voucher purchase. Send through your purchase request – we do not require any credit card details.

  • Step 6: You will receive an email with a Pro-forma Invoice and the contact details to finalise the purchase.

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How To Use The U-GO Travel Voucher

  • Step 1: When the Voucher order is received, a Uwin Iwin Consultant will contact you to obtain the necessary details of the winners that need to receive their Travel Vouchers.
  • Step 2: The card voucher will be sent to either the office or the voucher winner’s virtual place of work.
    The voucher winners will each receive an email explaining the next steps and how to contact the Travel Consultant to continue with their bookings and how the top-up works.
  • Step 3: Our Travel Consultant will then discuss the voucher winner’s requirements with them and start the process of booking their travel trip.

Get your U-GO Travel Vouchers Now

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