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Bali is truly a magical destination for Incentive Travel trips.

This year we took a big group on an adventure of a lifetime.

This is what Incentive Travel is all about, creating lasting memories for high performing people. There is a reason why you have to be a specialist to pull a trip like this off because everything has to run like clockwork. That is naturally where our Uwin Iwin Travel Team came into their own. With our strategic approach, we developed a detailed experience that fitted the budget of our client. Off course we had to manage all aspects, from luggage to ticketing to destination management negotiations. Tara, one of our Incentive travel specialists did a sterling job accompanying our tour group and the hotel and excursions were top class.

From travelling in a guided Volkswagen Safari to having a parade arranged just for our group, not to mention a luxury catamaran cruise to Crystal Bay that was just mind-blowingly beautiful, this Incentive Travel Trip touched the hearts and souls of each guest and refreshed them to start performing towards their next targets again.

Here are some pictures of the trip that shows the fun all the people had.

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