An incentive aimed at Finance and Insurance Managers within authorized Dealerships.


To reward and recognise loyal supporters of the brand and drive throughput to client vehicle and financial services products.


An online portal where points are calculated from raw data and awarded according to interest rate financed. Tiers implemented based on a variety of measures and improved results. Full reward catalogue and gift card available.


One of the longest-running programmes in the country, over 14 years.

The programme was one of the most entrenched in the industry, and participants tell stories of furnishing their homes and having holidays courtesy of the programme. The end of the programme saw a backlash in the industry and a drop in market share. The client is looking at reinstating a gift card programme during 2014.

We have come a long way, 5 years working with Uwin Iwin! Thank you so much for 99% on-time delivery record. Keep up the professional standards. You make our work easier!

Freejoy, Insites Consulting

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