There are a lot of tools one can choose from when communicating a targeted incentive programme, but it’s the ability to choose the correct tool and communicate effectively that could essentially make or break your Incentive communication campaign.

One of the most important aspects of a successful programme is clear and easy access to communication. If the communication tool is not relevant, then it should not be part of your campaign. The use of emails, for example, could be used to convey the campaign message, but if the targeted participants don’t have access to emails via devices with internet connectivity, then the programme has ended before it has even begun.

Being in constant communication is important when executing a successful incentive programme as this would increase participation and creates a winning mentality. People who are most likely to be involved in participating at any given time are inspired and motivated individuals who know it is possible to win.

One also has to make sure that your communication messages are not missed by the participant, if the tools employed are not clear, seen or hidden on a website page, for example, targets will never be reached and participants will find it hard to take part.


Below are some things to take into consideration when implementing a communication campaign for an incentive programme:


The Theme:

The theme and the branding of the communication campaign are one the most important aspects of your incentive programme, as it not only creates the first impression but sets the tone of the programme. If executed correctly, you know what they say, first impressions last. Make sure the theme is relevant and in line with the client’s needs and specifications. But remember they came to you for your expertise so guide your client towards a winning solution.

Kick-off in a big way:

Kicking off the Incentive Programme in a Big Way doesn’t only refer to the start of the programme, but prior, during the planning and consultation phase with the client. This is where your programme theme can be linked to an exciting and or memorable event, for example, a movie premiere, dinner event or popular activity participants can relate to and is be excited to be part of.

Launch/ Enrolment Announcement:

Launch/ Enrolment Announcement is Critical. Make sure it’s a big deal to participants as this will be the prelude to the success of the programme. Your launch would include elements such as campaign drives, posters, websites, emails and much more. Make it easy for participants to take part and or leave the programme according to communications standards. All programs are not born the same so consider all the target groups, behaviours, interests and communication needs.

Programme Website and Mailers

Like what’s been previously mentioned, make sure the Programme Website and Mailers meet the client’s expectations and are consistent. User experience is important as this will be the environment where the client and participants interact with the programme. This will need constant updates and improvements to better the experience for the participants.


To conclude, constant communication that participants trust, and that has a clear and concise message that takes everyone into consideration is key in order to implementing a successful Incentive Programme.

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