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Daniel Maison is a Nairobi native and our choice of a future business leader in Kenya.

As Uwin Iwin opens new doors on the African continent, we need talented and ambitious business people to bring the Uwin Iwin brand into their respective markets. Daniel is one such individual, and we definitely have high expectations for this very pleasant and bright young man.

Daniel’s background in marketing and sales management will be an asset as we move forward with him. He plans to position Uwin Iwin as a pioneer in the Kenyan incentives space, operating across a variety of differing industries. Daniel believes that good results early on will go a long way towards reputation development and business credibility, thereby ensuring a high potential future.

He believes that confidence in oneself leads to success in driving the products and ideals in which an individual has faith. In practical terms, Daniel argues that business achievement is accomplished through knowing the unique value adds that you offer clients in order to leverage on the strengths of your product.

Daniel loves Kenya, mainly because of her beauty and the resilience of her people. In his spare time, he enjoys small scale farming, live music concerts, arts & photography exhibits and lots of road trips with friends and family.

We wish Daniel the best, and know that our relationship will only go from strength to strength.

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