A driver for financial results in businesses is “Solutions”. Solutions have a major part in driving businesses globally, to achieve success and retain relevance. Getting a tool to provide this, has motivated organisations over time in meeting the never-ending demands of their market. For companies who are particular about how to provide virtual solutions to meet the needs of their businesses for rewards purposes, ‘digital vouchers’ solutions have given a simple gateway to put their business on the global map.

Organisations are spreading their drag nets beyond their shores to make Sales, secure clients, and big portfolios in the international market. Expanding their markets helps secure new customers, which in turn improves sales and profits. The global market for businesses has grown beyond having domestic business structures.

Africa is one market that has been under the lens of international organisations. It is currently the world’s youngest continent and is urbanising at a rapid pace, having a projection of 24 more million people, on average, and living in its cities each year between 2015 – 2045. That’s more than China and India combined- in 2016, Mckinsey & company estimate. To achieve expansion however is a huge hurdle, especially for medium-sized to small companies. It is cost-intensive and demanding on a company’s pocket to set up offices and full working structures outside their shores.

Despite this challenge, manufacturing and service companies alike are having their market presence and businesses in Africa, where innovative solutions have evolved over the years to solve the problem of expanding their products and services into this emerging market through sales. E-Solutions like the digital voucher which are budget-friendly are used to reward their sales teams in various African countries. This team/s of individuals is managed by agencies established locally and is solely responsible for selling their brand products, goods, and services. The advantages this solution gives these companies are:

Expansion: It opens new markets and creates visibility for organisations in the international market.

Growth: The customer base of the organisation grows, and profits grow as well.

Breaking Cultural barriers: The hurdles of cultural barriers are broken, using the indigenous workforce to sell their products.

Compensation and Rewards

While achieving the aim of business expansion at a lower cost to companies is a win, compensation and salaries is still a huge cost but utilising Incentives through rewards has been an effective way to reduce this.

Incentives are the tools used to motivate or encourage someone to do something. Incentives are effective for rewarding the performance of desired tasks by sales teams. Options for Incentives are Digital Vouchers, Travel, Merchandise & Gift Cards to mention a few. The choice of what to give is subject to many parameters as determined by the local market.

Ease of Rewarding Sales Teams

Easy mediums of rewarding sales teams is a key element to keep sales consistent and revenue growing. Consistency in rewarding these sales teams is essential, without which business growth and expansion is impossible. Reward solution/s that are easy to implement and monitor are a sure way to solve the problem. Digital vouchers solutions is an effective option. Some of its advantages are:

Appeal: They appeal to the new generation workforce. They are an effective and useful way to get excitement and commitment from a sales force or team.

Relevance: Digital rewards are relevant rewards in an age of Online shopping, which is the big amongst young internet users.

Cost Effective: Its cost is cheaper to the business than other reward options.

Easy Implementation: It affords simplicity for both implementation and maintenance.

Uwin Iwin Incentives is a pan African full house incentives company that has studied the needs of companies/ organisations needing reward solutions in Africa. We have Digital Voucher solutions that cater to four countries in Africa – Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa. Our aim is to provide international companies with solutions that will enable them to not only save on business costs but also operate and expand their business into Africa with ease.

We manage the end-to-end rewards for sales teams also giving organisations the advantages of local presence, while they focus on the growth of their companies.

Are you ready to take your business and team to the next level?