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We understand that with each passing day the incentive and rewards landscape changesand the evolving with technology for better incentives, but we also know that at the core, rewards and recognition will always remain the driving force that harnesses the power of an organisation’s sales and workforce. So how do we keep up with this ever-changing landscape whilst still creating programmes that offer attainable, everyday rewards that change the bottom line for our clients? Simple really, we take a pioneering approach to emerging technologies and couple it with our unrelenting passion for extracting potential.

With the launch of our online rewards solution, NetUwin in 1999 – the first and only platform of its kind in South Africa to combine cutting edge technology with a passion for people, offering intelligent sales incentive and rewards products – we became the game changers, the disruptors within the South African Incentive industry, with global ripple effects. Armed with an unparalleled rewards portal that could be tailored to suit any client with almost any type of rewards requirements, we began to rock the proverbial boat when it came to the way both organisations and participants embrace and respond to rewards programmes.

Growing and sustaining our reward offering

Although the foundation was now laid for an extraordinary reward offering including the ground-breaking implementation of daily rewards through our Kudosh gift cards and online rewards catalogues, our keen insight into the diverse set of clients and their staff that we deal with pushed our progressively innovative passion even further. With the steady rise in mobile connectivity across South Africa, we knew that no matter how successful our web-based platform currently was, it was only a matter of time before mobile took over. In a nutshell – If it’s not available in the palm of your hand, on your phone, it simply no longer exists.

With the understanding that our future success hinged on the ability to adapt and provide broad-based solutions through digitally responsive platforms, the next logical step for us was the development of a client-specific incentive payment and transactional Mobile Application. This was a giant stride forward towards facilitating the most innovative incentive journey available on South African soil, that enhances not only the user experience but maximises client control and brand affinity.

What makes a successful program?

By placing a strategically designed and facilitated rewards programme right into the hands of the participants we are able to offer three key cornerstones that form the foundation of a successful programme – Automation, engagement and choice.

Automation – The ability for participants to enter their sales or performance figures on a system designed to process this information automatically means that the time between performance submission and reward fulfilment is drastically reduced. Participants can immediately see the fruits of the programme, in real-time, and this reinforces the desired behaviour.

Engagement – Keeping the programme participants motivated is a critical key to success. Sustained communication regarding all aspects of the programme, from the reward structures and pay-outs; to the leader boards and winners, ensures that participants can stay motivated and engaged and that the scheme is always top of mind. The more engagement that can be garnered, the greater the impact of the programme.

Choice – This is essentially the most important factor in the success of any rewards programme. No two participants can be effectively motivated by the same rewards. By empowering employees with variety, the programmes offered no longer adopt a “one size fits all” approach. Our clients are literally able to offer rewards that can tangibly change the lives of their employees.

Our winning edge has always been our ability to deliver

With the tailored rewards opportunities made possible by the technologically advanced, and user-centric development of our mobile applications, the sky is literally the limit in terms of facilitated and effective programmes for both employers and employees.

What makes our technology cutting edge for our clients is that now reporting, and business intelligence gained from the incentive results are fed back continuously and in real-time directly to them; along with detailed insights and strategic recommendations. This constant data exchange ensures that strategy is continuously being advanced, and goals are always achieved.

Another key factor that sets us apart, is our Agile Project Management philosophy that is adopted with each and every project. The Agile Method is a particularly innovative approach to project management that is undertaken in software development. This method assists teams in responding to the unpredictability of constructing software in lighting fast time frames using incremental, iterative work sequences that surpass standard timelines and align with our customer-centric ethos of delivering only the best, quickly and effectively.

Fluidity with change is enabling more growth and an even better service offering

With this advanced rewards technology development, we were also able to integrate e-learning and gamification on already existing incentive platforms. This means that employees can now be incentivised to not only embrace their growth opportunities but to really excel. All rewards are facilitated and managed online through the NetUwin platform and Kudosh gift card solution.

Unleashing potential is constantly top of mind in both our technology development as well as our creative approach to rewarding staff, but what really excites us is that now we have the ability to allow our clients to create the rewards programme that they know will have the best impact. It is only by working with like-minded clients who share our vision, that we are able to collectively unleash each and every employee’s unique potential.

We take great pride in the platforms that we have developed, but our crowning achievement is the collaborative process that allows us to implement a programme that is underpinned by our technology but fundamentally created by the clients that we service.

Tomorrow’s potential is undoubtedly born from today’s vision…

Are you ready to take your business and team to the next level?

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