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IMEX Frankfurt 2023 Event Lobby

The IMEX Frankfurt 3 day exhibition is so rich with learning and business opportunities. Uwin Iwin
Incentive is fortunate to be invited every year to participate.

This year both Kele Mogotsi – Director of Incentive Travel and David Sand – CEO attended with two
very different agendas. Kele ensured that we touched base with all suppliers in our global network of
destination management companies, to evaluate the existing relationships, learn about new
destination creative options for our clients, and to explore new trendy destinations.

David started the event participating in the prestigious Agency owner’s forum where Uwin Iwin was the only participant from Africa. This forum puts the very best thought leaders from around the
world together to share and sharpen ideas that solve current challenges and highlight future

Emerging from the show as the number one biggest trend is how AI is being used to enhance the
customer experience and bring efficiency to the planning stages of any incentive or event.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming the way the industry works. With
advanced technology, planners can streamline event and incentive travel management, enhance
attendee experience, and gather valuable insights for future events.

Here are the top 5 tips on how to effectively leverage AI and automation in the industry:

  • Use chatbots to provide 24/7 customer service: AI-powered chatbots can provide instant
    responses to attendees’ queries, freeing up event staff for more complex tasks.

  • Automate attendee check-in and badge printing: Automated registration systems can speed up
    attendee check-in and reduce wait times.

  • Utilize AI-powered matchmaking: AI can analyze attendee data to suggest relevant connections
    and networking opportunities, making it easier for attendees to meet like-minded individuals.

  • Use data analytics to gain insights: AI can analyze attendee behavior and feedback to identify
    areas where events can improve and optimize future events.

  • Utilize virtual assistants for on-site management: AI-powered virtual assistants can help attendees navigate events by providing directions, personalized schedules, and information on event activities.

In conclusion, AI and automation can revolutionize the industry, making events more efficient,
personalized, and engaging for attendees. By leveraging technology, planners can create
unforgettable experiences for attendees and stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape we work in.

Are you ready to take your business and team to the next level?