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As we head into the summer season, things in general tend to slow down during this period, more specifically for businesses. People are counting down the days until their summer vacation begins. To get ahead of the seasonal slump, implementing an incentive programme that will aid in keeping teams motivated and giving them something to look forward to may be the solution you’re looking for to maintain optimal performance levels within the workplace.

According to the Incentive Research Foundation, a well-built incentive programme can boost sales teams’ performance by up to 44%. Below are a few incentive ideas one could look to implement in order to keep your team energised and to help boost summer sales:

Travel Vouchers: They say that travel is the “epitome of experiential learning”, this is why it’s one of the most sort after rewards there is. Travel trips are experiences that employees will remember for a lifetime. Learning about different cuisines, cultures and the memories created during those experiences is what makes it so appealing. This is a budget friendly option if you’re unable to do a group incentive trip and an exciting offer for employees to look forward to, especially for summer. Rewarding your team with a travel voucher would not only keep them motivated but will increase loyalty amongst employees.

Digital Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards: Rewarding your team with digital voucher options for their favourite online stores or a monetary gift card are a sure way to get them inspired. Use digital vouchers to reward your team for reaching their targets or doing great work and to drive growth within your Sales Department. These rewards can be instantly redeemed & they’re versatile which makes them an effective part of a rewards strategy.

Day Event Tickets: Offering your employees tickets to their favourite entertainment and/or sporting events may be just thing to boost employee morale and performance during this time. Event tickets are a hit when it comes to appreciating employees and it’s even better to make it a ticket for two as these events are best enjoyed when shared with friends or family.

Extra Time Off: We all look forward to that time of the year when we can officially switch off and enjoy our much needed vacation time. Why not reward your team with some paid time off that they can contribute towards their summer holidays. Giving team members paid time off for a job well done is a great perk as it costs nothing and will be appreciated and valued by all employees.

Staff Event or Lunch: Give your team something to look forward to with a staff event or function. It’s a nice way to get the team together and a have a bonding experience outside of the office. Rewarding them with a unique activity, having a themed party or taking them to a venue they would otherwise have never attended is a great way to boost employee morale. It will also foster a sense of community within your team as they would connect over a shared experience.

Free Courses: This is an incentive reward that will get those team members who value professional growth excited. Offer professional development opportunities for employees who want to grow and who are interested in upskilling themselves for opportunities within your organisation.

Uwin Iwin is a pan-African full-house incentive company that has studied the needs of companies in need of agency incentive solutions. We provide end-to-end performance incentive management solutions for companies who are looking to help their Employees and Sales Teams reach peak performance.

We look forward to the opportunity to form strategic partnerships with your company to get the right incentive solution for your team.

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