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Several months ago, we launched our incredible travel offering, the U-Go Travel Voucher, which has garnered much popularity amongst our participants!

The U-Go Travel Voucher serves as a convenient and, most importantly, cost-effective, easy-to-use reward-solution which comes in quite handy during these financial times.

Your employees now have the opportunity to book local and even regional travel options by using the U-Go Travel Voucher; as simple, point-to-point trips can easily be booked through one of our experienced Travel Consultants, who would provide the necessary guidance, travel suggestions and facilitate the booking process, to ensure your top achievers experience a luxury end-to-end booking experience, which was well within your company’s incentive budget!

Great memories have been made thus far; the following images have captured precious moments made possible through the U-Go Travel Voucher.

An abundance of travel opportunities awaits your teams, remain the employer of choice and retain your talent with an affordable incentive by contacting our Sales team on 011 557 5700 and

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