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Telecommunications is bringing in a resurgence for economic development in the African economy, and recent trends are proving this to be so. The Healthcare, Financial services, Tourism, Retail, Manufacturing and Education sectors have their importance in growing a thriving African market, but the significance of Telecommunications would be understated in the successful running and operations of all these sectors. Telecommunications companies boasts largely of users creating the availability of data in words, audio and video being utilised by businesses globally. These are the key drivers’ organisations are using to achieve performance success.

The processes required in rendering services and selling of products, are centred on data generation; from the on boarding of clients or customers and service provision, to payments and collections from users, the availability of internet connectivity is integral to its smooth running. In view of this, the improvement in the quality of technology provided in the continent is growing sporadically, especially for mobile network usage. Mobile network usage has fast taken over the previous sedentary system of operating businesses and has aided in the quick expansion of many business footprints in the continent. Products and services are easier and faster to purchase than it used to be before. Leveraging on the ease telecommunications brings to transact business by organisations and the ability to mine the opportunities for growth has become a main stay for African businesses.

Mobile network and mobile device companies have increased the pool of end users and subscribers for products and services, resulting in an increase within the business market for organisations in the continent. In research by Statista, for number of mobile subscriptions worldwide between 1993-2021, the total number of subscriptions was estimated to have exceeded 8 billion for the first time in 2019 reaching 8.3 billion subscriptions. In 2021, the figure increased to 8.6 billion. For smart phones users as well, the global population of 7.8 billion has more smart phones subscribers than the world population. The penetration rate in Africa is also reported to have been increasing steadily • Mobile subscriptions worldwide 1993-2021 | Statista

The Potential Business Growth for Mobile Device Manufacturers in Africa

The mobile device industry is currently experiencing a wave of positive business growth in Africa. Studies show that Africa is the first continent to have more mobile phone users than fixed -line subscribers. According to the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) survey, Africa has also become the world’s fastest-growing mobile phone market. Over the past five years the continent’s mobile phone use has increased at an annual rate of 65 per cent, which is twice the global average. ITU forecasts that there would be 500 million users by 2025. South Africa is the largest market, currently boasting of 25million users, followed by Nigeria, Egypt, and Morocco. It is without doubt that mobile device companies have their sights on the vast potential the African population brings to their business and prioritising strategic market penetration approaches for a large market share is key.

Investment in marketing, sales, and corporate branding as tools to drive performance by organisations, goes a long way to aid business presence. One of the most effective GTM (go to market) strategies for sales performance however is using resellers and sales personnel for direct contact with the end user market. Resellers and Sales teams give a wide market reach which serves as an effective tool to get direct market information to organisations, for growth needed and product evaluation in a competitive market. This sustains their business relevance, especially in the African market. Once relationships are established with the R & S teams (Resellers and Sales teams), a good incentives plan is a medium of sustaining a relationship with them; alongside ensuring performance and market relevance for products and services. This which will translate to a growth for their ROI. Employing the services of a professional incentives company takes the performance required to achieve this to another level.

Uwin Iwin Incentives Pty. Industry Performance Experience with Mobile Device Manufacturers

Uwin Iwin Incentives Pty., Incentive Programmes | Uwin Iwin Performance Incentives is a pan African full house incentives company that has over 28 years’ experience in providing companies/ organisations inspiring reward solutions in Africa. We have created incentives solutions for our mobile device manufacturing companies (clients) with verifiable results. Results that have impacted their performance for better sales growth and performance in South, West, and East Africa.

Our strategy lies in the use of technology to support uniquely tailored Incentive programmes for our clients and having end-to-end management of all the elements of the programme to generate results. In Africa, our client partnership recorded mobile devices sales growth by 30% with a 60% sales performance record from the field team comprising of resellers and sales force, within the first year of programme launch. Our bespoke technology supported efficiency of programme management and sales force growth and motivation. We have a dedicated support team comprising of certified Incentive Professionals handling programme management and giving regular status. This aids in maintaining momentum required to sustain engagements for sales performance.

How do we intend to create a winning incentive solution for your organisation?

Our vision is to provide first class incentive solutions to companies for the growing mobile device market in Africa by using our innovative modern rewards solutions in the business market. Solutions that give a high market share size which translates to higher productivity and performance for our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to form strategic partnerships with you. For more details, please contact us at

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