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During the last 3 years, the general workplace has experienced some drastic changes, from the world coming to a complete halt, organisations reverting to online meetings via Zoom to working remotely or on-site, we’re only now adjusting to the new normal. With businesses having to adapt and evolve in order to address the changing needs of their workforce, so do the incentive programmes that are implemented within the organisation. Bearing this in mind, here are a few incentive trends we think we will be seeing in the year 2023.


Retention Strategies

The quite quitting trend happening, employees are lacking motivation to go the extra mile. In the post pandemic working environment, there have been shifts in employee expectations, how they view themselves within the organisation and the value they bring to organisations. Because of this, organisations are finding it harder to retain top talent. In a study conducted by Deloitte about rethinking employee recognition, “When it comes to employee recognition programs, like many things at work, one size doesn’t fit all — and surprisingly, very few people want recognition that’s widely shared. “The study goes on to describe the need for personalized, flexible, and custom reward and recognition systems aligned with individual goals. Showing employees how much they are valued, recognizing their hard work and celebrating successes will help to create a work environment where people want to stay.


Hybrid Work Perks

Flexible, remote, and hybrid schedules have changed the work dynamic over the last 2 years. Employees have grown used to the hybrid working model, and the flexibility that comes with it, it’s safe to assume that the hybrid model is here to stay. The need for autonomy amongst employees has increased and giving employees the freedom to work in a way that suits them and at their own pace will make them happier and more productive. It is said that “If an organization were to go back to a fully on-site arrangement, it would risk losing up to 39% of its workforce, according to a 2021 Gartner Hybrid Workplace survey. Offering flexible, hybrid or fully remote work schedule options has not only widened the talent pool for employers but is also a critical initiative for retaining top talent.”

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

Suffering from burnout or having a disproportionate work life balance ratio is not uncommon in today’s working environment. Focusing on employee mental and physical wellbeing within organisations has become an important factor in the retention of employees. To make sure companies get the best out of their employees and have them performing at peak performance levels, there will be more emphasis on rewards that focus on employee wellness in the coming years. Whether it be in the form of self-improvement by means of a training course, or a leisure reward like a day at the Spa or a day off, employers must deliver on well-being as part of their employee value proposition to attract and retain talent.

Unique Travel
Unique Travel Options

Unique Incentive Travel Experiences on the Rise

The destination remains one of the most important components of the motivational appeal of an incentive trip. Going above and beyond to create an experience for your employees will remember for lifetime is a sure way to make them feel valued. The more interesting and unique the experience the better. It’s also important to note that in a world where social media has become a ubiquitous and normal part of our lives, – “Creating unforgettable photographic opportunities that are attractive or interesting enough to be worthy of posting on social media have always been an important component of incentive travel planning” according to Huw Tuckett – Director of Euromic he goes on to say, “So when it comes to gaining public recognition for efforts and achievements there is little to beat an instabragable selfie whilst on an incentive trip.

In conclusion, organisations along with incentive industry professionals will need to constantly evolve and adapt as well as apply new strategies when looking to retain and engage an ever changing workforce.

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