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Lagos Cityscape - Incentives in Africa

Africa is an emerging business market for the global economy. The opportunities are vast providing expansion and market growth to companies and organisations seeking additional options to generate profits. For most of these organisations the long-term goal is to achieve an economy of scale to increase their profits and increase productivity amongst their employees. Motivating these employees using incentives is a key factor for their sustainability.

While the Incentive Rewards and Recognition business is big in the global market, it has barely scratched the surface for its potential in Africa. To grow incentive reward and recognition programs for African businesses in the global market, there are several strategies that can be implemented:

Innovation: Incentives in Africa needs innovative reward and recognition programs, programs that are unique, relevant, and appealing to the global market. These programs can be designed to reflect African cultures, values and traditions while also appealing to a global audience. In the travel incentives segments, more creative ways to showcase the African continent are being included in the experience. There are more creative channels in the rewards and recognition space as well using African branded products and souvenirs for rewards.

Capacity Building: Promoting creativity, risk taking and experimentation will encourage innovation for incentives in Africa. This can be achieved through trainings mentorship programs and other capacity building initiatives at individual level. At an organisational level, scaling up processes resources is needed to survive adapt and thrive in a fast-changing business world.

Emphasising Social Responsibility: Businesses that prioritize social responsibility and sustainability are more likely to succeed in the global market. Promoting social responsibility through reward and recognition programs for local communities and the environment is a good booster.

Technology: Use of technology is a powerful tool to grow incentives, rewards, and recognition programs. Digital platforms that promote programs, tracks progress, and engages with stake holders is a huge contributor to programs implementation and management which helps businesses make better business decisions.

Partnerships: Partnerships with global organisations to gain access to expertise, resources, and networks will fast track visibility and growth. These partnerships can help strengthen incentives, rewards, and recognition programs in the global market.

Overall, positioning the incentives business in Africa for the global market requires developing innovative and relevant programs that reflect African cultures and values, fostering innovation, prioritising social responsibility, use of innovative technology and partnerships with global organisations.

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