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Staying Focused in the Chaos

It’s no secret that staying focused as a leader in today’s competitive economy can be a challenge. As technology and innovation continue to change at an unprecedented pace, so does the way that organizations operate. Add to this the ever-growing number of priorities and tasks that must be completed, and it’s no wonder that many managers find it difficult to stay on task. In South Africa and other economies where there is instability and other disruptions like power cuts and failing infrastructure, this adds an entire choir of chaos to the already noisy orchestra of distractions.

Creating a daily work schedule that accommodates both personal and professional commitments is one approach that many leaders have found to be successful. Scheduling regular check-ins with subordinates and colleagues can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands the appointed leader’s priorities. Additionally, setting achievable goals and deadlines can be an effective way to stay focused and motivated.

In addition to traditional work practices, many organizations are now turning to technology to help leaders stay focused. Apps that provide instant notifications of important updates and messages can help keep people up-to-date on the latest developments. Similarly, automated task managers can keep track of deadlines and other’s commitments, helping to ensure that everyone involved is on schedule.

Staying Focused in the Noise

Whatever approach leaders take to staying on task, making an effort to be conscious of the way that they behave is critical. By being mindful of their own behavior, leaders can create an environment in which everyone is capable of focusing on their work.

Great incentives also serve to align and focus efforts on that critical 20% of things that make 80% of the returns, tracking apps and online tools also add value here. But one of the greatest reasons to have a good incentive goal is that is provides HOPE is something special to come, a reward at the end of the journey of performance and energy. This is so important for leadership to be providing in these challenging times. HOPE

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