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The Steps to successfully enrol an Incentive Program for first time Incentive Users

Initiating and implementing the right incentive program for new users or employers is sometimes a
daunting and confusing endeavour, because of the various elements tied to enrolling such a business
sensitive plan. There is sometimes the conflict of misapplication of incentives by employers due to
limited knowledge which results in undesired outcomes and results.

Incentives planning requires matching the incentives with the desired objectives and goals pursued
by organisations. Employers new to incentives need to understand that an incentive is an object or
item of value that propels repeated desired actions and applying it methodically to encourage this
behaviour. Getting it right has a positive effect on the growth, sustainability, talent retention,
employee motivation and productivity of organisations irrespective of constant changing business
dynamics in the global market. The President of the IRF (Incentive Research Foundation) Stephanie
Harris, in the IRF Incentive Trends report of 2023, proposes that “incentives, recognition and
rewards programs will be expected to have a broader reach and deeper impact than before” for
organisations. More attention is being paid to deploying more impactful incentives than before.

There are five strategic steps that are key in the process of helping employers successfully enrol an
incentive program for their organisations:

Step 1: Planning

Assessment of an organisation’s goals and objectives for proper planning is a key starting point.
Investigating the right incentive program that aligns with these goals and objectives as well as
aligning them with budgets is also important. Part of the planning review includes, finding the right
reward option that appeals to the target audience. Different types of rewards appeal to different
demographics. This involves high level consultations and deep diving into the key areas that need re-
energising or promotion for the organisation. Once these are determined, the groundwork for
Incentives, reward types and set objectives are in place.

Step 2: Strategic Communications for Enrolment

Winning the hearts and minds of the target audience for engagements and performance is key, to
commence onboarding, extensive communication campaigns is key. This can be done via e-mails,

interactive user platforms on the purpose of the program and its goals, benefits, and rewards. The
communications will also give details of who qualifies for the program and how they will be enrolled-
eg. program rules and details.

Step 3: Data collection for enrolment

Data collection of all the qualified users or participants needs to be collected and collated for the
proposed incentives plan. This process commences after confirming those who are best suited for
the program and are instrumental to its success. All data tied to onboarding the users such as
personal data details, contact information can be derived via sign-on forms or other channels.

Step 4: Enrolment of users

After data has been collected the users can now be enrolled for the program. The use of innovative
technology or an automated enrolment system is of more advantage in executing this stage of an
incentive program plan. It reduces errors, it’s easier to deal with volumes of data and makes the
onboarding of future users/ participants easier. Once this is achieved the program can be launched
and activated for users/ participants.

Step 5: Monitoring, Tracking and Measurement

Once an incentive program has commenced, it is important to monitor its effectiveness. Utilising
data analytics tools, organisations can monitor performance to identify areas for improvement.
Conclusively, incentive planning and enrolment is a key part of organisational performance success.
Where employees, customers and clients are concerned, it is important to do proper planning. Make
strategic communications, employ data collection, as well as execute enrolment and program
monitoring and tracking.

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