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While we’re all excited to see when domestic travel will resume in South Africa, many of us with itchy travel feet are also wanting to know when a trip to our favourite overseas destinations will be back on the cards.

The good news is, the world is starting to open up again, with many countries announcing plans to roll out the welcome mat.

But before you go adding dates to your holiday calendar, remember that overseas travel bans imposed by the South African Government still apply, so our ability to visit these countries is still subject to our country’s own restrictions. Also, getting to these destinations depends on airports reopening and flights resuming.

Here is what we know so far about when different countries will be open to travellers.


  • Seychelles will welcome tourists back on 1 June.



  • Travellers will be welcomed into the United Kingdom from 8 June. A 14-day quarantine for all incoming overseas travellers will be imposed.
  • Although Italy never formally closed its borders, it did ban tourists. International travellers will be welcomed back from 3 June and will not need to self-isolate on arrival.
  • France is scheduled to reopen its borders on 15 June; however, its emergency measures have been extended until July 24 with non-essential trips banned and visitors required to self-isolate.
  • Ireland will not open its borders to outside travellers until 10 August.
  • Greece will reopen to international travellers on 15 June.
  • Spain will welcome international tourists back to the country from 1 July, when it will also lift its quarantine requirement for those entering the country. However, the Spain-Portugal border will remain closed to tourists.
  • Portugal’s three-stage plan to lift its lockdown started on 4 May. Tourists are now welcome in Portugal, with health checks at airports but no compulsory quarantine.
  • As of 15 June, Iceland will welcome international tourists, but they will need to take a compulsory COVID-19 test upon arrival at the airport, or self-quarantine for two weeks.

Central America

  • Mexico
    Some Mexican states, including the popular holiday spot of Cancun, will reopen to international visitors on 1 June. The land border with the United States will remain closed.
  • Puerto Rico is now open to international tourists, but arrivals must self-quarantine for 14 days regardless of whether they are symptomatic.
  • St Lucia will reopen its borders on 4 June. A negative Covid-19 test must be provided before entering the country, which must have been taken within the previous 48 hours

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