Why you should invest in your employees?

While all issues mentioned below are best avoided, companies need to go beyond to find out what their employees need and start delivering on it.

Investing in your employees first will build a solid reputation in the marketplace that will attract the best talent.


“A philosophy that brings unexpected benefits to both the company and its clients is Customers come second, employees first.” Richard Branson.


85% of all Employees are dissatisfied with their jobs all over the world. (State of Global Workplace)

This resolves in Trillions in loss of productivity every year and twice as much in cost of replacing employees especially high performers who often deliver 400% in productivity.

Elements for thought:

The Cost of Poor Communication:

One of the elements that contribute to unhappy employees is poor communication, where an assumption is made that everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to do.

Lack of Training

There is also a lack of training where a rulebook rarely suffices to inform employees of their job. If there is no development plan for employees, they are most likely to leave.


Nobody likes a manager who constantly hovers over their shoulder or having to report on their work every hour. A report by Career Addicts shows us that 79% of the respondents were micromanaged and 69% resulted in switching companies. This just shows that people who are micromanaged tend to be demotivated and do not perform at their full potential.

Uwin Iwin’s Offering

Uwin Iwin’s core goal is to help companies identify these gaps and find an incentive solution that addresses these needs. Once identified, an incentive solution will assist in corporate culture improvement that drives motivation thus creating opportunities for growth and an increase in overall business performance.

By utilizing the data created by an Online Reward Program you create a competitive powerhouse. The growth of the company can be measured through performance scoring.

You also challenge your employees by tasking them with projects and then rewarding them for their input, this would result in creating exceptional, innovative and involved employees.

Happy Employees, even happier customers

When incentives are in place and employees are motivated to perform at their best, better relationships are established with customers.

Creating an environment of engagement will foster loyalty, not only from the employees but also from customers.

By putting the employees first, they will invest more in the company and relate with the company’s goals which creates trust and mutual respect.


Listening to your employees and investing in their training, and incentive programs to gain employee trust, loyalty and respect.

By investing in one’s employees, a company will increase its reputation within the market place and in turn have happy employees and clients.

Are you ready to take your business and team to the next level?