Gift Cards have become a great way to reward your employees for their achievements as it allows for flexibility and expands the choice of reward for your employees.

Incentive Magazine says gift cards “can be doled out across a spectrum of denominations for both big and small rewards.” No matter your budget, you can connect a gift card with your employees and have them feel appreciated without spending a ton of money.

Practices for using gift cards as rewards and incentives:

  1. The employee can purchase what they want according to a value you have uploaded to the card with a gift card. With a gift card linked to a catalogue of virtual cards that can be used in online stores, the employee can choose their own reward item.
  1. You can add a personal touch to your gift card with a branded company logo.
  1. Don’t have too many choices of gift cards you offer for rewards.
  1. Ensure you communicate the gift card limitations to employees to avoid disappointment.
  1. Pair your gift cards with specific achievements and individual preferences. When you match gift cards with gratitude and appreciation, you can really accelerate your rewards program and build motivation and loyalty toward your company.

At Uwin Iwin, Gift Cards can be linked to catalogues or you can have a virtual card where your employees can buy from any SA online store.

With Uwin Iwin’s Kudosh card you can brand the card with your logo to personalise it for your employees where they can choose what they want from a Catalogue of various brands and items.

Our Virtual Card can be used at any South African online store to give the individual more options.

With our online reward system, you can track the performance of your employees and then add their rewards on their Kudosh or Virtual Card for payout.




Make sure you choose the right Gift Cards to reward your individual employees.

Pairing a gift card with praise is how you make a gift card feel just as good as an experiential reward.

Are you ready to take your business and team to the next level?