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David Sand, CEO Uwin Iwin will discuss the book Double Double with author Cameron Herold. The topic of Proven Plan for One Hundred Percent Growth will be discussed.

Cameron’s Biography:

A lifelong entrepreneur who started his first company at age twenty, Cameron Herold is the former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK? And was instrumental in growing the company from $2 million to $105 million in revenue in six years. In Double Double, he takes the invaluable lessons he learned leading the growth of more than one phenomenally successful company and presents them with insight and eloquence.

Herold’s experience-based advice never gets bogged down in generalities or theory. Instead, he offers a wealth of practical tips for everything from designing meetings for maximum efficiency to growing companies in particularly tough markets. His well-considered recommendations go beyond the balance sheet to the real bottom line. Ultimately, it’s all about focus.

Each topic the author covers – from creating a vision for the company’s future to learning how to generate free PR for a developing company – is squarely focused on the end goal: doubling the size of the company in three years or less.

As head of the consulting company BackPocket COO, the author works with young, fun, fast-growth companies every day. Learn how he coaches so many businesses to phenomenal growth, and learn how to double your revenue and have fun in the process.

Are you ready to take your business and team to the next level?