The downgrading of South Africa’s economic status has affected businesses and consumers alike. The tendency in both instances is to clamp down on expenses. When consumers close their wallets, sales will suffer.

David Sand, CEO of Uwin Iwin says: “My message to MDs, CEOs and Sales Directors: Now is the time to sell as much as you can. In fact, make selling your priority. Drive your sales force and channels. That is the sure way to survive and thrive in this economic turmoil.”

The defining Strategy

The upkeep of sales is the survival strategy that will keep businesses afloat. David says businesses should give special attention to their sales teams. “Make sure you have a strong, focused sales team that understands the product and understands the urgency. Make them hungry to push even harder and make sure that they are rewarded for their performance. Make sure they know you care about them.”

The simple maths

The logic is simple – if sales figures drop, the company will suffer financially and might have to go through downscaling processes that might include retrenchments and restructuring. If the sales figures stay the same or even increase, no restructuring or retrenchments will be necessary – in fact, there might be more money for growth investments.

Other influences

It’s important to show empathy to your customer’s circumstances. “The customer wants to cut spending. Creating tailor-made propositions that add value to the customer is a clever way of helping customers save. Also, don’t forget the basics – customer satisfaction – good service and aftercare is non-negotiable.”

What a leader should do

As a CEO, MD or Sales leader now is the time to get more involved with your sales force and channel teams. Direct engagement and clear concise decision-making from the top is essential to activate them to perform at higher levels. It’s time to get up from behind your desk, roll up your sleeves and become the sales champion again. Everyone is looking to you to lead.

Of course, your sales team has to be rewarded for their performance and show that you really genuinely care. There are numerous ways for you to ignite their performance passion again. Speak to us.

“We have the expertise to help you create the perfect reward programme guaranteed to motivate your sales team to perform in this economic environment. We will leverage on what you have and give you options to survive and thrive. Your company does not have to join junk status,” David concludes. “Let’s help you Win!”

But how does it work? Let us explain a little more: Contact Us

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