To achieve on the golf course, you cannot use the same club for every swing.

From the driver to your putter, they all serve a purpose. More importantly, they work together.


So why then, do we utilize single sales tools to achieve a plethora of goals and objectives?


After multiple interviews with leading regional business heads, we have uncovered some shared pain points that all seem to be linked. Challenges such as slow data, conflicts of local priorities versus regional requirements, large geography and even cultural distinctions are shared by nearly every regional business leader today.

These difficulties are however not individual symptoms, but what seems to be  compartmentalization of powerful tools, not quite working in harmony. There is a massive need for collaborative thinking within our toolset available to us.

Correctly designed incentive structures should infiltrate into existing sales instruments, as well as provide a psychological depth that a regular CRM tool cannot provide. Sales tools often only deliver the measurements needed to quantify results, yet they often neglect the immensely powerful emotional drivers needed to propel performance (and sales) down the fairway.

What drives your sales is so much deeper than an APP that counts your sales and fattens the wallet of your audience. While those are inarguably fundamental, left standing alone, those tools will lose their shine and your target achievement will be short-lived; simply because the tool was not designed for the purpose it is being used for.

So how do you win? You start by understanding the full context of your objectives and your tools available.

Ensure that not only do you have powerful measurement apparatuses, but that you’re integrating motivation, ego drivers, correct profiling, constant communication and ongoing buy-in from those that you are designing this for.

Hire incentive coaches, they’ve been playing on this course for decades and understand every bunker and rough terrain.

To achieve on the sales course, you cannot use the same tool for every goal.
From your CRM to your incentive plan, they all serve a purpose. More importantly, they work together. Your incentive strategy can be a powerful driver; don’t use it as a wedge.

Are you ready to take your business and team to the next level?