A new exciting development is about to hit the United Kingdom and European incentive scheme market with the launch of Uwin Iwin’s new London office. In the competitive market of providing incentive scheme solutions to companies, it is important to always know what employees want. If you know what the employees want from a reward programme, you can better advise your clients – the employers offering the programmes to their employees.

Uwin Iwin continuously does extensive research into reward schemes to find out what matters to employers and employees alike. Then they try to marry the two.

One such want that was identified is the need for rewards that employees value. They don’t necessarily want to choose a gift from a catalogue. They want to make their own choices. They want to have the freedom to spend their hard-earned rewards in the way that they see fit – whether it is to buy some luxurious item or to use it for something more useful, it should be their choice. That is where branded cash comes in. Uwin Iwin has developed a branded cash system called that gives monetary rewards on a debit card, which can be used at any point of sales globally where Mastercard is accepted. It can, therefore, be used at a luxury design store or at a local pub, at the café around the corner or at a boutique.

The choices are endless. This branded cash system is a new value-add in the United Kingdom’s extensive reward system market. So far incentives in London and the UK mainly focused on catalogues. With the opening of Uwin Iwin’s new office in London, the reward programmes in the UK have another way of rewarding their customers. “We saw a gap in the market and decided to use this opportunity to offer a global solution to the UK and the rest of Europe,” says David Sands, company CEO. “From the new London office, we will be able to sell our product to the European market and introduce a new dimension to the incentive programme oeuvre.” Uwin Iwin has offices in Mauritius – servicing Africa; USA – servicing the Americas; India – servicing the whole of Asia, and now in London – servicing the UK and European market. The London office will be run by Manus Geyer, CFO of Uwin Iwin, who has been appointed the new MD of Uwin Iwin Incentives UK LTD. For a quick snippet of what the new Global Incentive Card will offer, have a look at the equivalent product offered in South Africa. Now however it will be global.

Kudosh Gift Card – MasterCard

from Uwin Iwin

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